A brief history of Haworth Central Park bowling club.

The Haworth bowling club has a rich and vibrant history. The Club was formed in 1932 and was located just along Spring Head Road, Haworth, West Yorkshire. In May 1937, the green was relocated into its current prime location within Central Park – Haworth, where a tablet was erected to commemorate the opening of the bowling green and pavilion on the coronation day of their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. 

We play a form of Lawn Bowls called Crown Green Bowls. This is normally played on a lawned square of up to 2000sq metres with short, mowed grass. But differs from other forms of Lawn Bowls in that the center of the green can be up to 300mm higher than the edges and bowling can take place in any direction. This makes reaching the target “Jack” significantly more difficult.

The main aim of the club, then and now is to provide social and sporting recreation for people of Haworth and surrounding area.


Health Factoids

Flexibility within the individuals own physical abilities.

Balance, Body Core & Mobility through Muscular Skeletal exercise.

Hand – eye coordination,

Mental Health,

Social health and wellbeing,

Fresh air outdoor activity surrounded by the beautiful Grade 2 Listed English Heritage, Green Flag Park, bringing about relaxation and peacefulness.